Mindhappy 90s themed event

Back to the 90's

Lately we've been feeling like going down memory lane, especially back to the 90's. But not just recounting the memories of having to use a landline home phone and making sure no one was eavesdropping on the other end, or even turning on the radio listening to the R&B gems that were released during this time.

We're talking about playing in the 90's. Being a kid. Growing up without the ability to scroll on a phone for hours to kill time. When we actually felt what true boredom was like, thus killing that time with toys, gadgets and gizmos, and other things that are now specifically 90's branded 

Take a look at some of our favorite 90's memories and playtime thingamabobs and walk down memory lane with us, too.

Those compact, mini Polly Pocket shell houses that you could carry around literally in your pocket. Chewing on the little figures was a must, of course.

Screen who? Our fingers are absolutely dying to click those tactile phone buttons now (90's button-clicking ASMR is starting to feel like an amazing idea...).

Stuffed gold. Investments. The collectors item of the 90's. If you weren't collecting these, what were you doing? And if you took the tag off? It hurts to imagine.

Beanie Babies stock during this time 😨

A science teacher's favorite room lamp to have back then, and the best mood lighting a kid could own.

Our attention spans in 2024 may be close to none now, but in the 90's while staring at Lava Lamps? You'd have to physically peel us away to get us to stop staring.

Playing with these in gym class. And why was there always a bite mark on them?

Speaking of going down memory lane, we've got a fun and exciting announcement! 

What an unforgettable evening we shared at our playful and mindful jewelry-making event! 🎨✨ From painting with a splash of glitter to mastering the art of keeping a Tamagotchi alive (and thriving!), we journeyed back to the fun and simplicity of the ‘90s. Amid the stress of exams and the daily grind, it was a breath of fresh air to see everyone unwind, smile, and dive into creative bliss. 😊💖

The vibes were electric, with Lady Diana chic meeting denim delight in our throwback fashion parade. And let’s not forget the nostalgia-inducing bite-sized Pop-Tarts that added just the right touch of ‘90s flair to our tastebuds!🍴

We are thankful to each and every one who brought their wonderful energy and that made the night a resounding success. The beautiful pieces everyone created were matched only by the beautiful memories we all made. We saw that a little bit of play can go a long way toward finding peace in our busy lives. 🌟👯‍♀️

The room was filled with laughter, creativity, and community. Here’s to many more nights like this, where we can all leave with new friends, peaceful hearts, and a reminder of the joys that simplicity can bring. 

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