Newsflash: Companies that invest in employee play and wellbeing are 21% more profitable than those who don't.

Real talk? Being an admired profitable company is not the result of luck.

You always thought a traditional health and benefits package was enough, but you never expected employee wellbeing and retention to suffer. These events have cascading effects such as loss in productivity, reduced team morale, increased training and hiring costs, loss of alignment towards company objectives and weak collaborative relationships.

Because it's not about surface level annual employee surveys, team happy hours or company swag. This is about making a sustainable improvement in employee health through methods that make a difference at the root cause. More importantly, this is about helping your employees feel like you really care.

That's exactly why we're here.

We're here to help you be 'The Best Place to work at' of the year.

... and show you that tackling employee morale and wellbeing doesn't have to feel like scaling Everest. It can feel rewarding.

Why are you still worried about burnout and 'quiet quitting' when you could hire us?

Stress free planning and execution

So you can focus on keeping customers happy, improving products and setting future objectives.

Improved team morale

We'll create an environment where your employees are engaged, satisfied and dedicated.

Jaw dropping productivity results

We'll create the most playful and joyful solutions for lasting results.

Mystery Subscription Experience

  • Bring a monthly does of fun for employees and their families.
  • Science backed hands on activities that improve focus and mood.
  • Show that you care by making their free time relaxing and joyful.
  • Less than $1 a day per employee with benefits that help you make far more.

Team Events

  • We will create company events that are healthier and happier than happy hours.
  • Help build deeper collaborative employee relationships.
  • Reduce hiring/training costs and increase productivity in the long run.
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When you are ready to...

  • Stop fixing problems with HR bandages and finally develop a team truly on your side.
  • Feel supported because your employees feel motivated, appreciated and acknowledged.
  • Let go of methods that don't work and embrace solutions that feel right.


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Our employees still talk about their experience with a smile on their face. Mindhappy injects spontaneity and creativity in a regular day. All we had to do was show up, experience and enjoy! Highly recommend!


Best team to work with!

The people here are friendly, helpful, and creative. I've always been treated with kindness and respect when contacting them.

A. L.

Friendly people!

MindHappy's subscription box surpassed expectations with challenging puzzles, a delightful knitting kit, and quality drawing materials. The versatility allowed for solo or family fun, enhancing our well-being. Highly recommend!

Aishwary Pauranik

An awesome blend of creativity, puzzles and family fun!

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