Our Story

We are a subscription service for pre-occupied adults on a mission to help them reclaim their attention

We’re not just here to help you be more mindful. We’re here to give you back your life.

To be honest, our subscription service isn’t about keeping you in front of your screen as long as possible.

We strongly believe in the power of play, creativity and relaxation.

That’s why with our Mindhappy mystery experience, you’ll look forward to the free time you have. We’ve worked with 500 small business owners to find premium hands on activities with great instructions that also look amazing as home decor. Because we don’t want you to drive to purchase all necessary items, watch long youtube tutorials and spend time planning what to do when you only have an hour to relax. We want you to feel effortless convenience while learning something new.

We're here to improve your focus so you can finally pay attention to what is truly important.

Around here we believe,


Every Act Counts


Delight in Discovery


You already have the answers

How'd we get here, you ask?

It all started with one small change.

Noticing how I spent my time...

Unable to dedicate time and attention to health, family and personal goals felt exhausting to me. Nonstop work, deadlines, and travel took a physical and mental toll. I was beyond burnout.

The day I decided to better my health and wellbeing, I felt a sense of disorientation. I didn't know where to begin. And the next thing I knew, I was surrounded by all sorts of systems and gadgets keeping me stuck in that state. I daydreamed about reaching a place where I could enjoy my time without feeling behind.

I knew something had to change.

So I decided to look at my free time with curiosity. No expectations of results. I asked myself, "What is interesting, fun, and joyful?". Serendipitously, I stumbled upon a kid's creative knitting kit featuring a unicorn. If kids could do it then maybe I can too without any previous experience? Reconnecting to activities that felt like play helped me find a new way to relax.

Now I am on a mission to help adults experience a peaceful pause in their day, make beautiful memories, and enjoy small moments.

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Interesting subscription box concept!Fun activities and solutions to try alone, with a friend or in a group!

Patricia Saporito

Interesting subscription box concept!

The Subscription Box is a total mood-lifter! The colorful packaging kicks things off, and the top-notch materials make DIY crafts a breeze. It's the perfect escape from daily stress and a great excuse to ditch your phone for a while. Totally worth trying out!

Shubham Sunil Pillewan

Creative Escape to Bliss

The people here are friendly, helpful, and creative. I've always been treated with kindness and respect when contacting them.

A. L.

Friendly people!

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