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  • Celebrate Creativity with Fun: Fun is the ultimate party-in-a-box for groups or those who can dedicate 2-5 hours to an activity. Ideal for parties, sleepovers, or picnics, each box comes with engaging group projects like collaborative art kits, puzzles or large-scale model building.

    Why Fun?

    • Enhance Group Dynamics: Ideal for team-building or family bonding.
    • Epic Projects: Engaging, large-scale activities everyone can participate in.
    • Social and Fun: Turn any gathering into a creative fiesta.
    • All-Encompassing Experience: Comprehensive kits for hassle-free group fun.


  • Fun is perfect for those looking to transform social gatherings into enriching, collaborative creative experiences.

    Each package contains three activities that could keep you learning and entertained for the entire month. Note: Outer packaging depends on the number of items and dimensions of individual products ordered. Your order may come in a bubble mailer or a box. 

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