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Long Chunky Sketchpad

Long Chunky Sketchpad

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Dive into creativity with the Chunky Sketchpad—a compact powerhouse bursting with artistic potential. With 380 thick sheets, fear no bleed-through as you explore bold strokes and vibrant layers. The built-in pen holder keeps 12 high-quality pencils at your fingertips for seamless inspiration. Its sleek design offers ample space for your artistic expression, while its portability ensures creativity is always within reach. Designed by renowned artist Gwen Weinberg, this sketchpad is a testament to passion and innovation. Ready to unleash your inner artist? Grab your Chunky Sketchpad and Pen Pal today!

Note: Outer packaging depends on the number of items and dimensions of individual products ordered. Your order may come in a bubble mailer or a box. 

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