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  • Bond and Create with Joy: Designed for two, Joy is perfect for couples, roommates, or those looking to spend 1-4 hours on a creative endeavor. Each mystery package brings unique activities like 3D metal model kits or collaborative painting projects, fostering connection and teamwork.

    Why Joy?

    • Strengthen Bonds: Perfect for quality time with a loved one.
    • Double the Fun: Activities designed for two, doubling the enjoyment.
    • Expand Skills Together: Learn and grow with someone special.
    • All-Inclusive Kits: No need to hunt for supplies; we've got you covered.

    Great for partners or friends who want to turn their time together into memorable, creative adventures.

    Each experience contains three activities that will keep you learning and entertained for the entire month.

    Note: Outer packaging depends on the number of items and dimensions of individual products ordered. Your order may come in a bubble mailer or a box. 
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