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Mini Puzzle Fruity Fiasco

Mini Puzzle Fruity Fiasco

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Embark on a fruity fiasco with Mystery in the Fruit Bowl – an 81-piece mini puzzle featuring Angela Kirkwood's captivating artwork. Dive into a whimsical world of vibrant fruits, where intrigue awaits at your fingertips. Mr. Apple is missing a chunk, sparking whispers of suspicion among the grapevine. Was it the mischievous banana bunch or the sly strawberry brigade? Each character, from the perplexed plum to the gossiping grapes, brims with personality, inviting you to solve the fruity fiasco. Beyond a puzzle, it's an experience with exquisite artwork, a mini challenge for all ages, a story unraveling with each piece, and a perfect gift for puzzle enthusiasts and art lovers. Grab your detective hat, magnifying glass, and piece together the Mystery in the Fruit Bowl!

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