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Pink Cherry Fake Cake Diy Craft Kit

Pink Cherry Fake Cake Diy Craft Kit

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Unleash your inner cake artist with the fun and easy Fake Cake Decorating Kit! This kit empowers you to whip up adorable miniature masterpieces, even if you're new to icing.

Perfect for beginners and pros, this kit includes everything you need to craft a stunning centerpiece or photo prop. Inside, find a mini foam cake base, easy sculpting, vibrant acrylic paint, a star piping tip, and more.

Handcrafted with love in San Francisco, California, this collaboration brings sweetness without the sugar. Ready to ditch the calories but keep the creativity? Order your Fake Cake Decorating Kit today and let your imagination soar!

Note: Outer packaging depends on the number of items and dimensions of individual products ordered. Your order may come in a bubble mailer or a box. 

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